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One Year Chron BibleThis year,  members of my church  made a commitment to read the Chronological Bible in one year.   Many of us have read the Bible but it’s a first for many to read it in the order it occurred chronologically.  If you don’t own a hard-copy of the Chronological Bible, I have inserted the link so you can download it to your device.  http://www.oneyearbibleonline.com/oneyearweeklychrono.php

I’m excited about this journey and it is my prayer that this blog will be used as a tool to help us all stay focused on our commitment and grow us spiritually beyond our imagination!  I will also share other blogs that encourage or bring insight to topics that I think would be of interest to everyone.  Sooo, get your coffee or tea and pull up a chair as we all open our minds again to the beginning where anything that is anything was created – The Genesis!   I pray you will  join us!

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